I need some feedback on comment formatting–do replies to comments format correctly? On my computer, words are being cut right in two at line ends, and this is true in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Even worse, I cannot figure out how to fix it. Aargh.

UPDATE: Please, somebody who uses Firefox or IE, give me some feedback on this. Thanks.


5 thoughts on “Formatting

  1. In Chrome, I haven’t encountered the words-cut-in-two problem.

    Since you raised formatting, I will mention that I found it a little jarring to get the most-recent independent comment at the top instead of at the bottom, particularly since it’s not clear that the comments to comments (rather than to the top post) are also placed in that order. But I assume the order was a conscious choice and may therefore be someone else’s preference.

  2. Hey Jim your reply to Joe has the word split on the “last” word on my screen. IE9. My computer has taken to doing this also, but very randomly. No clue.

    PS – have been enjoying your blog immensly.

  3. Jim,
    I’m totally overloaded at the moment but ASAP will come back and take a look. I’d be happy to help a bit, customize the CA Assistant for your site, and generally help get things running/looking a bit better. But it may be a few weeks or more…

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