Stupidity based research?

Just a couple of links to check out for those interested.

And here all along I thought I was unique in my approach to research.  Well, good to find out I’m not alone.  There is a place for “the stupidity approach” after all.

Brian McGill at Dynamic Ecology, appears to favor the controversial “non-stupid approach”, which has been called into question by numerous researchers over time. He has recently posted his second part in his series on “Statistical Machismo”.  He addresses the issue of, “detection probabilities”, and when reviewers are, and are not, justified in requesting that estimates thereof be included in articles involving animal abundance/occupancy estimation.  The series and its accompanying discussions are terrific, and show what a blog discussion can be in the right hands.  Brian also has a series going on predictive ability/inability in ecology, equally good.

Don’t bother Jeremy Fox there with any more silly questions however; he is occupied deciding whether the ’76 Reds or the ’98 Yankees were the superior team over the last few decades.  The answer of course is neither, it was the ’84 Tigers, as any reasonable, unbiased Tiger fan can quickly tell you.


Have at it

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