A way with slow surprises

There is a way that subtle changes come to stay
Barely noticed, hardly known
One day you’ll say “My situation’s locked away”
But by tomorrow, you’re all alone
It seems so sudden, but it’s not, it’s only grown
From a seed that long ago was left forgotten in the snow
And has a way with slow surprises all its own

It’s hard to show, but like a boulder rolling slow
Or a rumble deep in the ground
Things whisper low, and by the time I really know what’s been moving
They’ve settled down
Too late to see the way they’ve shifted ’round
Too late to say “There’s bound to be another way”
It’s all been said and done without a sound.

Chris Smither, Slow Surprise
Emmylou’s version

2 thoughts on “A way with slow surprises

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like it. You’d probably like other stuff by Chris Smither if you like this. Terrific musician and person.

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