Suicide attempts in cold water

So far unsuccessful, but damned if it isn’t just about time for the California snowpack to start melting again…

River wide falls South Yuba
Boris on South Yuba

Jim on South Yuba
Rainy Falls
Illinois Green Wall
South Fork American
Illinois camp
Chase in Burnt Ranch


4 thoughts on “Suicide attempts in cold water

    • Very fun indeed! First three are from the South Fork Yuba (NE of Sacramento), fourth is Rainy Falls on the Rogue (SW Oregon), fifth is the Green Wall on the Illinois (also SW Oregon), sixth is South Fork American (E of Sacramento), seventh is a camp on the Illinois and eighth is the Burnt Ranch Gorge on the Trinity.

    • Thanks. The photos invoked childhood memories of the annual family fishing trip to the Feather River area.

      Your previous set of photos brought out the memories of camping at Little Grizzly in Plumas County, visiting relatives in Calaveras County and driving over Ebbets Pass to come at Tioga and Yosemite from the east.

      Now I just want to pack the kids up and drag them across the continent to see what real mountains and trees are like…

    • God’s country, all of it. I have long wanted to run the Middle Feather especially, but that is a serious undertaking indeed.

      I really hope you can do the trip kch. Lifetime memories are made by such trips, as you indicate very well.

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