Because fire burns…

“In history, in a movie, in a book, you can always tell who the heroes are: they’re the ones rushing into the burning building, giving crucial testimony in the courtroom, refusing to step to the back of the bus. They’re the ones who act the way you hope you would, if the moment came to you.

But the movies and the history books never tell you how they felt, those heroes, if they were angry or uncertain or afraid, if they had to think a long time before they did the right thing, if they even knew what the right thing was, or just made a headlong guess, just leaped and hoped they landed instead of falling. They never tell you what it’s like to stand on the brink, wishing you were somewhere–or someone–else, wishing the choice had never come your way and you could just go back to your safe, ordinary, everyday life.

Because you know what else the books never say? Nobody, hero or not, really wants to rush into a fire. Because fire burns.”

Buddha Boy
Kathe Koje


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