Crocodile Man

Mama she raised me on riddles and trances
Fatback, channel cat and lily-white lies
Rocked my cradle in a jimmy-crack fancy
I never met papa; I never asked why

People said papa was of no account anyway
People said papa was a rolling stone
I turned 20 on the Waccamaw Thruway
Headed upriver, in the dark, alone

I hooked up with a carney, a little out of Memphis
Slaving in a sideshow, pennies in a jar
Beetle-eyed jokers and hick town princes
Rhinestone rubies and rubber cigars

Wrassled me a gator up in Omaha City
Did me another down in New Orleans
Tangled with the barker, run off with the kitty
Crawled to Mississippi and I got away clean

Sleeping with a stranger in a no-name town
Thanksgiving dinner at the Top Hat Lounge
Christmas eve at the Fantasy Tan
Lord have mercy on a crocodile man
Lord have mercy on a crocodile man

Dave Carter, Crocodile Man

Have at it

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