Phenotypic plasticity and climate adaptation; ecology vs natural history

For those interested in the potentially very important issue of biological adaptation to climate change, you will definitely want to check out the latest issue of Evolutionary Applications, a special issue addressing climate change, adaptation and phenotypic plasticity, all articles open. I’ve not yet been able to read any of the articles, but it looks really good from first glance and I’m certain I will learn a lot from it.

That second phrase there is the topic of Jeremy Fox’s latest post at Dynamic Ecology, and he’s outdone even himself this time; go see, once again, how good blog articles and their discussions can be when the effort is made. I wish I had time to respond to it with anything more than the couple of sentences I stated there, but I do not–whatever extra time I have is devoted to just reading (including the comments) and thinking about it. And those discussions over there give you a lot to think about.

Have at it

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