I was born that way

I’ve been a fool of a singular cool all by myself
Nobody showed me how, I was born that way
Every day is a solo played on a single string
Nobody shows up, nobody walks away

What do I do when the tune is through?
How’m I gonna get me home?
What would you say if I turned your way and said
“Help me now, I can’t do it alone”?

Because lonesome is, as lonesome does, and I do it
Perfect practice keeps me next to me
Nobody needs to need me, there’s nothing to it
Friends you don’t make always let you be

Where do I go to close this show?
This one man band to the bone
Why does it feel like such a deal to say
“Help me now, I can’t do it alone,
Won’t you help me now, I can’t do it alone”

Help Me Now, Chris Smither

Have at it

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