I Know You Rider

My interpretation of that old classic, a very fun one to play.

Manzanar WWII Japanese Internment Camp with Sierra Nevada in back, near Independence CA.


4 thoughts on “I Know You Rider

    • Ah, a man after my own heart…can’t flat pick to save my life however. Among other things I can’t do…

      That’s an Ansel Adams photo–he made a visit there on one of his Sierra trips. Classic stuff eh?

  1. Lots of baseball being played there. Have you ever looked at the ring patterns in the tops of vintage Martin guitars? They used red spruce.

    • I never look too closely at Martins…because if I do I’ll end up playing one, and if I play it…I’ll end up wanting it. But I can imagine they are very tight, and consistent. I’ll put up a picture of the grain on my Seagull when I get a chance.

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