Green Wall

Illinois River, SW Oregon. 
Old Crow Medicine Show.

‘Nuff said.

Carnage vid from ’93:


4 thoughts on “Green Wall

  1. Hey man, This is freaking sick. I always wanted to do some rafting. Moved here in Colorado to hopefully try this out this coming summer. The video looks fun, but intimidating. How dangerous are the rapids in your opinion?

    • The Green Wall is definitely the worst of the bunch–It’ll give you pause. As usual, the danger depends on the flow–the Illinois watershed is almost entirely rain fed, and rises and falls in a heartbeat. Once you’re on it, you’re committed, so you have to watch the forecast.

      But it is a 100% drop dead gorgeous river from start to finish. A classic without question.

    • Thanks for the reply! I definitely would like to check this out when I’m up there; hopefully, I’m an “expert” by then. It does look amazing, especially from the point of view of the camera. Scary that the other raft flipped. I guess that happens.

    • Search YouTube for Green Wall Rapid and you’ll see some carnage videos. I added one to the post. The Rogue is probably the river you want to do if you make it out that way–much longer season and equally beautiful.

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