Well, isn’t that interesting…

Today, Ed Hawkins and a number of co-authors published a critical comment, in Nature, on a paper that came out many months ago, by Mora et al. I read that paper when it came out but I’ve got to go back to it again, since I’ve forgotten it. And I haven’t gotten to Hawkins et al’s comment, or the reply to it, yet.

The point of this post is not the content of the original paper, nor Hawkins et al’s comment on it, but rather what I noticed this evening at the Yale “environment 360” blog. To wit, there is an extensive interview with Mora on his paper. But that paper came out nine months ago. Well, I think to myself at first glance, this must be about the comment that Hawkins et al. published today, and Mora et al’s response to it. So…I glance through the article–nothing about Hawkins et al’s comment today, at all. Nothing. Just Mora giving his opinion about various things, some not connected to the paper really.

So, I’d like to know, did the Yale e360 blog contact Mora, or did Mora contact Yale e360, regarding doing this interview? And just how is it that it got published on the very day that Hawkins et al’s comment was published, but with no mention thereof? I don’t like the looks of this, regardless of the arguments in the original paper, or in Hawkins et al’s comment. This isn’t just another blog putting this up, this is a blog run by Yale University.


2 thoughts on “Well, isn’t that interesting…

  1. The link to the interview does not work, but the comment is not pay-walled, 1 for 2 is better than I usually do. Predicting a specific emergence pattern is important, at the very least it is reassuring that climate scientists are bickering about it.

    • Thanks for spotting Matt–fixed.

      At this point I’m more concerned about what might have gone on behind the scenes between Mora and e360 than I am in the topic of the paper, although I’m very interested in that also, and in fact it’s prompted me to continue with my analysis of T predictions.

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