The alternate take

Come on, couldn’t they have at least put this one on the inside of the album jacket? I mean, it was a double album after all.

Not that the best album in the history of rock and roll needed anything else to make it more captivating mind you.
Allmans FE cover alternateAnyway now we know what made the guys laugh so hard.
Allmans FE cover
Images courtesy of the Duane Allman Info site and here, respectively.


7 thoughts on “The alternate take

  1. I was only ten and still listening to top 40 when “Live at the Fillmore…” came out, but I was a huge fan by the time I got to high school. I am convinced that if someone had invented slide guitar by the 18th century, Mozart would have written bluegrass music!

    • Mozart on slide guitar or banjo…LOL! I can’t visualize it, which is probably just as well. πŸ™‚ But the long-hairs rule the day either way…

  2. Here’s a cool video of Betts and son Duane playing it together on youtube:

    Rocksmith (software) has modeled some pretty decent guitar tones for bands like the Allman Brothers, James Gang and Boston. I’m having a blast learning to play the lead parts. No amp required. Tones automatically change as the song progresses. Songs can be slowed down to any speed and sections repeated endlessly. Hoping they will release some Edgar Winter tunes before too long.

    • Yes, very cool and I’d not seen that one, thanks Harold. Here’s his take on Duane (Allman), also quite interesting.

      Nor had I heard of that software, sounds interesting, I’ll check it out. But I never expect to be able to play something as intricate, varied, and extended as Elizabeth Reed, especially with my guitar. Some pieces of music are best just listened to and appreciated I’ve concluded. But other AB tunes, I’m game for. Ramblin’ Man for example, I’m really enjoying playing that one.

    • Nice. I haven’t heard that tune in ages. I like the placement of the guitars in stereo. The Watkins Glen mix is great — listening to it now. Endless jamming and riffing.

      It seems like stuff goes in cycles. Watkins Glen was home to F1 at the time. Steve McQueen in Le Mans. The 1970s cooling scare. Now we have Circuit of the Americas hosting F1, the movie Rush, Patrick Dempsey racing in Le Mans and the “Pause.”

      Seems kind of eerie to me. The one thing missing, though, is a trailblazing music scene on an epic scale. Oh well. I suppose that the Pause is equally epic. πŸ™‚

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