Open up

Well I don’t think for pleasure
It’s just hard not to do
My thinking is a measure of how much I need a clue
I’m still flying blind
Hoping I might find
A way to stop my thinking and open up my mind

My feelings hurt me plenty
Not feeling hurts me more
Feeling’s got me kneeling down, wounded to the core
Not feeling’s got its charms
But you’ll find out who it harms
When your lover soon discovers you can’t open up your arms

It’s like being in a prison
You lock yourself inside
A limited perspective, even with eyes open wide
But I can’t walk no more
Through scenes I’ve seen before
Why don’t you come to me, bring the key, and open up, open up the door

It’s just love and it’s a puzzle
Of that there is no doubt
Can’t do nothin’ with it and you sure can’t do without
Can’t learn your part
You won’t know where to start
‘Till you quit all your questions and open up, just open up, your heart

Chris Smither, Open Up


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