Well, how ’bout that

The blog known as “RealClimate” has put up a couple of posts on its first ten years this week, here and here. Surprisingly, they state that they’ve “done well” and honor themselves for their ability to do what others couldn’t or wouldn’t 10 yrs back. Well, this is good stuff indeed.

In the interest of public education I’ll be providing a little additional insight when time and energy allow. Just a little, say 4/10 = 40% or so maybe.

8 thoughts on “Well, how ’bout that

  1. Hi Jim,
    Second link to RC is busted (you probably omitted “http:” and WP “fixed” it for you). But then, you don’t really exist anyway, do you?

    I’m glad they’re pleased with themselves. Makes it all worthwhile.

    • Very good advice indeed Matt.

      There is a significant part of me that really cannot afford to give RealClimate one more instant of my attention, because the whole episode’s been an enormous drag. And there’s the question of who will listen, other than those who’ve already made up their minds. But if I don’t say some things, there’s a good chance nobody ever will, at least not in any time frame that matters.

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