Winter time

A fair bit of the whitish water emanated from the sky yesterday. So, decided to head out with the old camera and see what I could see. Well, lots of the usual, but certainly more beautiful, and in at least one case, some somewhat unexpected goings on in the neighborhood.

The old lighthouse–and I do mean old–is still there:

The ice machine, thank goodness, is operating:

White house, white fence, white, white white:

The dead confederate soldiers are still there, well organized as always:

The great white north:

Not a good day to skimp on the sunscreen or cool drinks:

I’m afraid that this kind of thing happens all too often up here. Snowmobile’s broke, too much to drink, take the boat out instead, get ‘er stuck, hoof it on home, etc:

No limestone hauling for a while:

The gulls hangin’ at the local watrin’ hole:

Bundle up for the coaster ridin’:

This was a bit of a suprise; Raf and Fed going at it right there on the local court:

Raf and I worked a bit on his footwork in the sastrugi. Being from Spain, he sometimes struggles with that a bit:

Well, that’s about all we have time for today. Keep your stick on the ice and all that.


7 thoughts on “Winter time

  1. I cannot imagine the ferocity of a storm that would blow pro tennis players all the way north to a temperate zone in the winter. Must be the polar vortex everyone keeps talking about!

  2. I had to seriously Wiki “sastrugi.” I grew up in Georgia, not sure the Pleistocene brought my kinfolk any sastrugi. Then it occurred to me that there might be a really awesome German literalism for it like windhinterlegte Kleinschneewelle or whatever. So I did a web translation but nope, Germans say sastrugi as well.

    • Yeah, they may say sastrugi as well – but I’m thinking a fair majority will understand your meaning with Kleinshneewelle. Coining words auf Deutschland is pure sport.

    • I’d also never heard the word “sastrugi” either, and I’m in the Great White North. The more common appellation up here would be “f—ing drifts” or “f—ing snow”. Nice to have a politer term to use while shoveling.

      Now I just need a word that covers “the f—ing pile of f—ing snow the f—ing plow just dumped across the end of my driveway”.

      Maybe the Finns have something…

  3. I’m glad to be of such educational service as to inform the world regarding sastrugi.

    Oh, also Raf autographed a few tennis balls as we talked and I’m willing to let them go for say, $100 each or so, if you’re interested.

    Also, I’m very relieved that I never took German.

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