When you sing you pray twice

John Gorka has long been one of my favorite song writers–his combination of lyrics, guitar style, humor, and intelligence are equaled by very few (like maybe 2-3 others) in my experience. Had a much tougher go learning this one than expected though–John’s chord progressions can be tricky–but eventually got it. Thanks be to Chordify!

When you sing
You make the world a better place
When you sing
You bring us to a state of grace
When you sing, when you sing
Do you know the joy you bring?
When you sing

Like when you sing in your car
All alone with the radio
Or along with the Sunday songs
Breathe in, breathe out, move on
The song begins in your heart
Respond with your voice
Freedom’s right where you are
You still have a choice

St Francis from Italy, he said long ago
When you sing, you pray twice and
That was, and always will be, so
Don’t worry, you can’t make a sound
To please a stranger’s ear
Do it for others, and you’ll
Sing sweet, loud, and clear
Sweet, loud, and clear

You can sing with your hands
You can sing with your words
Sing with that still small voice
It’ll still be heard
You can sing with your thoughts
You can sing with your gifts
Sing to the weather, ’til the weather lifts

John Gorka, When You Sing


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