Local history, Underground Railroad edition

There was a local history event in the old home town today. Decided to go check it out, as I’m a sucker for these type things and am rarely disappointed, as was the case again. Learning, for example, that James Ashley, who introduced the 13th Amendment to Congress that legally abolished slavery, was a local guy. And of the myriad ways there are of hiding and transporting people, and distracting the runaway slave hounds, when you put your mind to it. And more.

IMG_1986Right in our back yard. We had no idea growing up. But we could name all 50 states…

IMG_1989Mr Douglass was there–and he was impressive.

IMG_1979When he speaks, you pay attention.

IMG_1981Abe was there–never pass up an opportunity for a little politic-ing when babies are involved

IMG_1983No explanation needed.

IMG_1985Part of the wall of pictures of famous abolitionists. Heroes, all of ’em.

IMG_1987The untold stories that there must be from inside and outside those walls.


Have at it

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