Gauley time!

Black cherry trees in ripe fruit and goldenrod in full bloom and that can only mean one thing, and no I’m not talking about football season.

They opened the Summerfield Dam gates at 7AM this morning; for godsake get down, or up, or over there in the next six weeks and try to kill yourself with all the others if you can. There will be a party, a rather large and extended one and it’s anybody’s guess at to whether river flow will exceed that of beer. Now, when on the river, try to remember, apriori if possible, that plastic (or rubber) side down is optimal, that rocks are typically fairly hard and to take a big gulp of air before you go under. Remembering these aposteriori is fairly automatic. Everything else is open to personal interpretation.

Best to put in downstream from the nozzle a bit, although I’m sure it’s been tried:
Gauley opentunnel

What made America great:
Gauley_pink dory at pillow rapid

This is probably sub-optimal form:

Definite sub-optimal form:
Gauley_poor form

This can be made to work for a while, like 12 seconds:
Gauley mattress

Really excellent form:
Gauley Boof



6 thoughts on “Gauley time!

    • You’d love it Numps, once the shock wore off. I mean if you’re going to get wet, get WET!

      Never been on the Hudson, probably some good stuff in the Adirondacks I bet.

  1. Just Class 5+ rapids? Nothing else to make it even a little bit exciting? Out here in Washington State we prefer real adventures:

    • Awesome, definitely a new one on me.

      Was just reading about the Narrows on the Gunnison in Western Whitewater (great book). Mandatory equipment: climbing gear, to be used in climbing and portaging around the potentially unrunnable. Just found this video of the run.

      But to summarize the first two videos to this point–either you can hit the rocks or the rocks can hit you!

    • Awesome scenery in the Gunnison, thanks! That will be my best look at it, I am a Class II canoe person. I was going to add one more video of the South Fork Skokomish River Gorge run, but they have all been taken down. Not surprising given that helicopter cable rescues had become an annual event there and the river is considered closed to travel.

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