Range o’ Light

Not sure I ever needed to be reading anything else really, although I have pulled some rather great historical stuff out of Google Books recently so hurray for the internet I guess. And I don’t know what hoops Stephen Whitney had to jump through do to get that picture of lodgepole pine bark on his cover but man do I love it.


3 thoughts on “Range o’ Light

  1. A Malabar Farm library it is not, but it does look like a very nice collection. Here’s to cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, and the ability to stand in one spot for more than a century – come what may. Magnificence comes in many shades and manifestations.

    • Well it’s nothing like yours Clem and I’m often envious of other peoples’ libraries. Me, I’ve got a bunch of cardboard boxes and milk crates, torn bindings and water damage. But having any at all is the main thing and I’m having great fun plowing through them as a much needed break from some very tedious and frustrating work. Give me some mountain wilderness maps and there goes a few hours. An antidote to mind-numbing science prose I guess.

    • Oh I have milk crates too, and in the basement I have some old shelves I put together back in grad school days that are cinder block and 2×6 planks for shelving… relatively inexpensive, modular, effective. Showy and stylish? Well, no… but efficient and effective.

      Plowing through the collection from time to time is great fun, I agree. And not only does it offer a respite from tedious work – there is often a gem that presents which in the context of one’s present knowledge is even more meaningful than it would have been many years ago.

      I kept old class notes and term papers I’d written… too much a pack rat I suppose. But it is quite the trip to look back at the world through the eyes of a 20 something grad student who is now much older and hopefully a tad wiser… but that youngster ‘s passion and naiveté are both amusing and telling about the time. We can’t escape ourselves, and I’m not convinced we should even make too much effort in that direction.

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