Bron Yr Aur

He says he had once wanted to be a biologist. Well, science’s loss was music’s gain.

C6 tuning: EADGBE–>CACGCE. What??!! Come on now man, give us half a chance here! There have been a few great acoustic guitarists in rock and roll, but none better IMO. Could listen to him endlessly, and indeed, have.

Bron Yr Aur, Jimmy Page.
Physical Graffiti


3 thoughts on “Bron Yr Aur

    • Hey it’s that crazy Seed Dispersal woman!

      Yeah, I’ve never tried it either, not for any particularly good reason though. Might give it a go at some point now that I’ve found that instructional, which is outstanding.

      The song you linked to is Bron Yr Aur Stomp–a different song, from LZ III, but a great one too, off an album I much love. Wish they’d done more of that kind of thing. Here’s some acoustic messin’ round from those album sessions, where you can hear some riffs that came out in tunes on that, and later, albums.

    • WHOOPS–sorry Chris, I confused you with somebody else interested in dispersal, should have clicked on your icon but didn’t. I see you are at Case Western, what are you working on there and with who?

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