Fifty-two gypsies now file past the guards

Some while back I checked out covers of this relatively unknown classic–of which there are many–for the Bob Dylan Project. A couple of particularly good ones are below but feel free to contribute more…

3 thoughts on “Fifty-two gypsies now file past the guards

  1. Both good in their own way, but personally I don’t think I’ll ever move past the Joan Baez version…too set in my ways, I suppose.

    • Aren’t we all! The JB version is the one that brought the song some prominence, or at least that’s what I’ve always thought. Overall, I was pretty impressed with the quality and variety of covers I heard. I think Mellencamp’s was my favorite though.

    • Having just strolled through youtube listening to snippets of the rather astounding number of covers, I’ll definitely say that Mellencamp’s version would be my number two choice. Most of the rest don’t really seem to bring anything particularly new, different or improved to JB’s interpretation. For me, his does – mostly the male voice, I suspect.

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