7 thoughts on “You could do worse…

  1. I’ve always been fascinated by what has changed over the course of recent time. I’ve aged sufficiently to have old college texts that are fairly out-of-date now. And I have kept many – especially those in my major.

    It’s fun to see which topics are no longer controversial (in light of better experiments) and which remain so. I’m old enough to remember when all the non-coding DNA was referred to as ‘junk’… and before the alphabet ran out of letters to use as prefixes for types of RNA. Back then, R was just the letter after Q – not yet a programming language. Cars still had carburetors, and firecrackers were legal in some places.

    So yes, I agree… you could do worse than to open an old book and have a peek.

    • Yeah Clem, I’ve found it almost impossible to get rid of old books and class notes, going back to undergrad days. I mean, it’s just too much a part of you to do that easily. And old photos as well. What the hell else is there really? I had forgotten what a page-turner Desert Solitaire is. Ed Abbey, love him or hate him, the man could tell stories. Reisner also, and Four Corners is not nearly as well known but is also very good. You can’t get rid of classics.

      As for RNA, I’m not sure if there are more types of that, or various “omics” these days–I’ve fallen out of touch with it and it goes at breakneck speed now.

      “and firecrackers were legal in some places”
      Unbelievable–just imagine some knuckle-headed high school kids getting a hold of those things, sounds like a recipe for mayhem if you ask me.

    • Season’s Greetings Dear Sir:
      Here’s hoping you have a few moments over the holidays to peruse some old books, photos, and perhaps even an old college notebook.

    • And indeed I did just that Clem, with the books above, and various others.

      I hope you had/are having/will have…a good Christmas season, engaged in stoichiometric calculations or other favorite seasonal activities.

    • RE: “… anything exciting in the offing . . .?
      Looking at the date of the last post, who could guess all that was in the offing . . .

  2. Just saw this for some reason…

    Cadillac Desert was a landmark IMO. Reisner is indeed an excellent writer. I can’t remember who said it first, but I love “in California, water flows uphill towards money.”

    The book also immortalizes Jimmy Carter’s efforts to wrest control of the dam-building from the tight circle of cronies who used it for political payback. Probably cost him his presidency, but the process did eventually grind to a halt.

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