The goal of this site is mutual education on a fairly wide variety of topics having more (or less!) of an ecological connection.  All knowledge levels are welcome here and I try to explain things at as basic of a level as I can.

The comment  policy: Please stick to the topic and have something defensible (and useful) to say, or just don’t bother.  This is NOT a site where you can just say anything you want or argue nonsense. There’s too much noise in the world, let’s please create some signal here. Also, first-time commenters’ comments get held in the queue for approval but after that are supposed to be auto-approved…but that thing often as not doesn’t work and sometimes it’s a few days before I get back to check.

My background: I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Wildlife Management from Ohio State, and a PhD in Plant Biology from the University of California at Davis.  I’ve also got some background in molecular biology, genetics and dendroclimatology.  But I’m primarily a forest ecologist. I should stick to these topics, but alas I tend to venture out where I shouldn’t. Nature of the beast; I like a lot of things, including especially music and song-writing.

Here’s a recent picture:
Contact info:

jrbouldin@ucdavis.edu, bouldinjr@gmail.com, 530 601 7883.

My old academic website, but my only one at the moment until I can construct something better. There are links to papers and some non-published things there.

All blog posts are copyright Jim Bouldin. Just let me know if you want to use something. The R code and any data are free to grab and use, just please acknowledge the source. Thanks.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I think you would get better feedback if you leave comments open on your posts — I can’t see any reason to cut them off after just a month, as it takes awhile for people to find them — I happened to see a comment at the RC thread on Briffa 2013, which lead me to your site, all new to me.

    “Fewer scientific problems are so often discussed yet so rarely decided
    by proofs, as whether climatic relations have changed over time.”
    — Joachim von Schouw, 1826.

  2. As a suggestion, you may want to change the name of your blog from “Ecologically Orientated” to “Ecologically Oriented” since “orientated’ is not a word and detracts from your message. Thanks for your posts.

    • I did that on purpose actually, just being in a weird mood the day I set the thing up. Just picked a slightly wrong blog name, grabbed a picture of the dog, and off I went.

  3. Hockey Schtick is incorrect: “orientated” is indeed a word, it’s just that it’s more commonly used in British English than American. To my (native Brit) ears, “oriented” sounds wrong.

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