Everything is broken

Broken bottles, broken plates
Broken switches, broken gates
Broken dishes, broken parts
Streets are filled with broken hearts
Broken words never meant to be spoken
Everything is broken

Broken cutters, broken saws
Broken buckles, broken laws
Broken bodies, broken bones
Broken voices on broken phones

Broken hands on broken ploughs
Broken treaties, broken vows
Broken pipes, broken tools
People bending broken rules
Hound dog howling, bullfrog croaking
Everything is broken

Bob Dylan, 1989

3 thoughts on “Everything is broken

  1. Bob has inspired me, and so herewith a lunch-time rumination:

    Lets get busy, or in a tizzy
    Fixing all them broken parts
    Yes I know, it won’t be easy
    Repairin all them broken hearts

    Mr Dylan, if he’s willin
    Could help fix what seems so broken
    With a Nobel he’s been chillin
    Great words from him now need be spoken

    Memphis blues and other hues
    Blood on the tracks or blowin in the wind
    Just like a woman – just one of his clues
    Gotta serve somebody unless they’ve sinned

    Now if I could just find an acoustic guitarist to add a melody. Hopefully one who didn’t blow his fingers off in his youth.

    • Make that a half margin of error and you have a deal… My people will contact your people. After we win a Grammy, the first M-80 is on me.

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